Representing clients in proceedings all over Austria.

Providing legal support and representation in extrajudicial proceedings.

Providing legal support and representation in proceedings about employer’s and employee’s rights in creative and innovative professions (e.g. ownership to any intellectual property right, especially compensation for copyrights, designer rights, innovation rights and others).

Drafting of employment and service contracts, in particular in creative and innovative professions.

Agreements to establish legal communities on copyright, inventors and property rights.

Representation in proceedings concerning labour law, focusing on clarification of property and/or renumeration of creative and innovative employee services.

Providing legal support and representation to enforce contractual claims, in particular in context with industrial property rights (copyrights, patents, trademarks, designs).

Legal support of competitions for intellectual and creative services (e.g. architectural competitions).

Drafting of business-related contracts.

Cultural law.

Sports law.

Establishment of inheritance documents and others succession-related settlements.

Providing legal assistance and representation in the enforcement of legal claims arising from contractual and statutory rights.