Legal support in the field of data protection.

Providing legal support for data privacy compliance.

Disclaimer (liability exclusion), imprint for websites and others.

General terms and conditions, license agreements, maintenance contracts for software and websites.

Contract law and liability in the internet.

Objections in media law, if necessary in cooperation with PR experts.

Representation in media law proceedings (also media criminal law) regarding damage to reputation, defamation, slander and others.

Protection of personal rights concerning media law as well as general legal protection of personal rights (rights of authors, rights of inventors, right regarding one’s own image, privacy of correspondence, fundamental right to data protection and others).

Advertising law in special fields (labelling, presentation and advertising of food, pharmaceuticals or gambling; anti-spam provisions and others).

Legal advice in the fields of product-placement, merchandising, ambush marketing and others.

Drafting of sponsoring agreements.

Representation in administrative criminal law proceedings (in particular in telecommunication law and data protection law).

E-mail advertising.

Press law, broadcasting law.

Data protection law.

Legal advice regarding cloud-services and legal problems with data in cloud-services.